Chronicles Of Herenvale Wiki

Hey World,

Chronicles of Kaylee? Never thought much about that. I mean I have had a few adventures in my life, but just never considered putting them down for you to read. So many questions come to mind; What if you don't like them? What if they offend you? What if you get bored, fall asleep, hit your face on the keyboard and get qwerty permanently emblazoned on your cheek?

Just the facts.


24 atm

Live in the US

Job: Gopher Extroidinaire! HAHA! I fetch whatever anyone in the office needs. From a hot cuppa joe to info on Martin Luther King Jr.

Orientation: I prefer women to men, but I play with men too

Relationship Status: It's not complicated at all. I'm single but live with my part time gf. What is a PTGF? Well, that's complicated! HAH!

Photos: I don't do selfies. Here is a description for you instead. Height 6'0" - Weight a tad heavy (think curves) - Hair red atm HAHA! Do you want more? Too bad! Haha!

Education: Drop-out from the School of Life.

Fav Quote: "Anyone who is willing to trade an ounce of freedom for an ounce of security deserves neither." T. Jefferson