Okey, there are a lot of things that need to be done.
Please make use of Strikethrough when something is done.

More things will be added if more problems are found.

Lay OutEdit

  • Icons for Game Help
  • Better icons for Adventures. The gears are too big now and need some clipping. The name of the area should be in it. Just as you can see on the world map in-game.
  • Need some good pictures for the Ultra Raids section. Just like it's done for Raids section.
  • Icons for the Items section.
  • Articles for Item Sets need to be added. Many pictures are needed. Some sets have been added use those as example.
  • The other books need an image map just like Book 1.


  • Articles for Item Sets need to be added. Use Slisk Vanquisher, Worrock Hunter or The Executioner as exampe.
  • Items from Armor, Weapons and Jewelry(I add pages with general info. still need add BUY/SELL and from get) need to get their own pages. Use Slisk Warclub, Illumitasa Defender or Magma Battleplate as example.
  • Treasure Chests needs a revision. Check for ideas Sary's Treasure Shop.
  • Most articles on Ultra Raids still need to be made. Check Ultra Raids for available ones. Many still need additional information or linking to the correct pages.
  • Same goes for all the other red-links.
  • Some older articles may need revision.
  • There are a lot of pages that need to be linked to each other but aren't yet.
  • Most articles on bosses don't have an accurate description yet like Barrg. Loot and items tiers need to be filled in for the bosses.
  • Tagar and companions need their own page and a picture on the home page like all the other raids.
  • New Tagar items need to be added.

More things will be added if more problems are found.

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