The Shadow WalkersEdit

Each of the Shadow Walkers is an Ultra-Raid that costs 10 Platinum for the Summoner, but consists of only one Boss. The Summoner is automatically rewarded with one Shadow Key. The Raid can be shared to the Summoner's Guild, but others that join do not pay Platinum to enter, and they are not guaranteed a reward. The Raid can also be shared via web address, but not the Share button. Based on normal looting rules, participants can receive one or more Shadow Keys when the Boss dies.

Shadow Walkers can be attacked with both Energy and Stamina. they have defenses similar to the other Ultra-Raids, and drop Platinum when their Defences are attacked. They also drop normal Loot rewards when the Boss is killed, but have their own Looting tables, including Platinum.

Irri the HiddenEdit

Shadow walker f
Name(Tier) Cost(*) Drops Hp/Defense(type)
Irri V 10 plat Shadow Key 100,000,000/10,000,000(Force Aura,Shield Slam)

Mareth LongknifeEdit

Shadow walker m

Name(Tier) Cost(*) Drops Hp/Defense(type)
Mareth Longknife V 10 plat Shadow Key 100,000,000/10,000,000(Shield Slam, Force Aura)

Shadow Walker ElitesEdit

Shadow walkers

Name(Tier) Cost(*) Drops Hp/Defense(type)
Shadow V 10 plat Shadow Key 100,000,000/10,000,000(Banishment, Shield Slam)

Alchemist's AlcoveEdit

Alchemy allows you to imbue powerful items with even more power!  The Alcove is available on the Shadow Walker's page (accessed from the World Map) below the list of Shadow Walkers. Entry is free of charge.

Shadow keys obtained by fighting the Shadow Walkers are used to open cabinets that appear at the top of the Alcove page. These cabinets reset on each entry and the rewards are randomized.

Reagents accumulate (in counters on the right) for Strength, Speed Knowledge, Fortitude, and Damage categories. Adding a point to a piece of gear costs 2.5 million coins. When equipped, the enhancements added from all modified gear is capped at 15 for each Stat.

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