How I fixed the Main Page

First I attempted to Undo all the changes. To do that, you go to Edit, drop down to History, and load that. You will fund "UNDO" buttons on all edits. UNfortunately, the misguided attempts to recreate everything put the Wiki in a state that it could not be undone all the way back to the original damage.


Instead, I went to that last good page (dated December), and used the Compare feature on History to compare old to current. This gave me a line by line source of the original, which I carefully copied into Wordpad. I then took that and went back to the Main Page and Edited it to replace all that had been recreated with what was originally there.

And, one benefit of this? I now have an exact copy of that page. If the child that got his jollies tries the same trick, it takes me 30 seconds to restore the Wiki to it's current state.

You can do the same. Edit the Wiki Main Page, and view by Source. CTRL-A then CTRL-C to copy all, CTRL-V it into Notepad or Wordpad, and then save it to a safe place.

So... the Rules of Wiki editing for the uninitiated:

1) when someone screws with the Wiki, DO NOT PANIC. All of the information is there, just Undo the damage.

2) Save your edits offline so you can restore malicious, childish nonsense.

3) Login so we know who changed it.

Kreistor (talk) 02:15, January 4, 2013 (UTC)

Quest LinksEdit

Do we need separate list pages for each of the Books chapters when the Category pages do the same thing? That is instead of linking to Book 1: Corruption of the Will why not link to Category:Book_1 which can be auto generated. Flipus C (talk) 14:12, May 15, 2013 (UTC)

I wanted to add a map but I did not know how until I saw how you have added to hidden locations.

Block Home for user only.

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