Stat points are used in 2 of the 3 main activity branches in CoH. They are not considered when you are participating in a Boss Raid. Every Level you are given 3 stat points to distribute. You may put your points into any of the 4 Main stats (Strength, Speed, Knowledge, Fortitude) or into the 2 Resource Pool stats (Energy and Stamina).

In Questing the Main stats, function independently of one another. Meaning that whatever activity you are doing, in the quest, will only require one stat check as a time. For instance when you Camp, the system will only check your Fortitude to determine how much Camping damage you do. Strength is the stat most often rolled against in questing due to all of the Attacking required, however the Weapons you are hold have a much stronger effect that Strength by itself.

In PvP, all 4 main stats function at the same time, in order to attack other players. Speed is the most heavily weighted stat due to it being used in both offense and defense.

Raiding only uses the resource pool stats, to determine the number of times you can attack a Boss.The 4 Main stats (Strength, Speed, Knowledge, Fortitude) are not used in Raiding.

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