This Page is for tips from experienced players to those who are less experienced.

  • If you never do pvp, don't worry about fortitude.
  • If there is already another raid against a boss of the tier u summon and that raid has openings, join that raid instead of making your own. Making a raid costs money and often gives no noticeable improvement to the drops given.
  • Know your build. Eather quests or PVP with your energy, but not both.
  • If you want more experience, use stamina on PvP (Player vs. Player), if you want more items and money, do raids.
  • If you end up getting a lot of allies, make sure you have weapons in your inventory to let them use to attack on raids. They don’t take your weapons or anything really, but if you have weapons in your inventory, your allies will attack, doing more damage, and giving you better loot.
  • Once you get into the game a little bit, and your questing, go back to the first mission in book 1, chapter 1, and refill your health there, if you run low. It is substantially cheaper.
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