heren_50x50.png Platinum is the premium currency of Chronicles of Herenvale.

What it can buyEdit

In marketEdit

Item Price Benefit
Name Change 5 Allows Player to change their Name
Energy Refill 10 Completely Refills Energy
Stamina Refill 10 Completely Refills Stamina
1000 Gold 5 Gives Player 1000 Gold
Gender Change 5 Changes gender of the Player
+10 Strength 3 Grants +10 to Player Strength for 24 hours
+10 speed 3 Grants +10 to Player Speed for 24 hours
+10 Knowledge 3 Grants +10 to Player Knowledge for 24 hours
+10 Fortitude 3 Grants +10 to Player Fortitude for 24 hours
3 Allies (Elite Mercenaries) 10 Gives player 3 Elite Mercenary Slots for their Army


There is a chance that you will gain platinum after defeating a boss.


Scrolls are used in raids to grant a bonus. There are two kinds of scrolls: boost scrolls and damage scrolls.

Boost scrolls boost an aspect of everyone on the raid (usually damage). Maximal three boost scrolls (not necessary different ones) can be active in a raid. Each one is treated independently (trigger chance and boost value).

Damage scrolls grant a one strike extra damage. They don't use a scroll slot, so they can be used even if three boost scrolls are active.

Name Price Advantage

Scroll red a small Scroll of Demon Fire

3 Platinum Each attack does 10% additional fire damage.[1] Yes
Scroll blue small Scroll of Black Ice 3 Platinum Each attack does 10 additional frost damage. Yes
Scroll black small Scroll of 1,000 Blades 5 Platinum Does 100 damage for each attacker in the raid. No
Scroll green small Scroll of Poison 3 Platinum Each attack has a chance to do extra poison damage.[2] Yes
Scroll purple small Scroll of Proficiency 5 Platinum Each attack has a chance to grant extra experience[3] No
Fire ball small Fire Ball 8 Platinum Does 25,000 fire damage! No


  1. Rounded properly to the nearest integer. [tested Dec 2012 on Kongregate server]
  2. Trigger chance is 20%. Damage is a random number from 20 to 100, multipied by the ammount of energy/stamina used (in a berserk-attack). [tested Dec 2012 on Kongregate server]
  3. Trigger chance is 20%. Additional experience is equal to basic experience. (So, if one scroll triggers then xp is doubled, if two scrolls trigger then xp is tripled etc.) [tested Dec 2012 on Kongregate server]
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