But you still want to play while waiting for your ally code don't you!?


Work in progress, I don't really have time at the moment (too busy playing COH) to drop in a load of idiot proof screenshots, but hopefully somebody gets the idea.

How to hide the award popupEdit

[ Chrome ]

In chrome (browser): View > Developer > Developer Tools.

CMD/CTRL +F (to find) and search for award_popup.

Locate the award_popup div container, click on it, and on the right of the dev tools you can change z-index from 505(+) to -500

This will basically put the popup from infront (+500 z-index) to behind the site (-500 z-index)

[ FireFox ]

Easily doable in FireFox as well i'm sure.  Just download the developer tools > Edit CSS: lower z-index for the award_popup div container.

[ External Resources ]

[ Closing ]

Feel free to add a video/screenshots, i'm far too lazy for that shite :P

P.S Dev: please don't script a workaround, i'd prefer you remove this article instead :P

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