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This Wikia is about a MMORPG game, Chronicles Of Herenvale. It is available on a few websites, (Facebook, Kongregate, Armor Games and the CoH Site). The game is also playable through the app. It's available for Android and iOS. It is programmed and maintained by Christian Primozich, the founder of Mososh.

We are quite short in members. If you spot mistakes feel free to edit them. Here is the To-Do-List, it's shows what still needs to be done.

Game Help

Game Guide by Nankho
Beginner Guide by Aiochul
Guide by ElvenSavior
Secret Locations
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Quest Locations

Quest Location Treasure Shop

Blue star 30x30 Book 1: Corruption of the Will
Hygarth Treasure Shop

Pink star 30x30 Book 2: Corruption of the Heart
Hygarth Treasure Shop

Greyred star 30x30 Book 3: Corruption of the Keeper
Windown Treasure Shop

Plane of fire Book 4: Plane of Fire
Oakgate Treasure Shop

City of andara Book 5: The Andaran Adventure
Hidden Cove Treasure Shop

Astral invaders Book 6: The Astral Invaders
Kirsinti Treasure Shop


Quest Locations
Adventures Adventures: Tombs of Kragstaad

Adventures Adventures: The Tombs: Part II

Adventures Adventures: The Tombs: Part III

Adventures Adventures: The Tombs: Part IV

Adventures Adventures: The Plane of Havoc

Fine Sapphire Merx's Enchantments
Orange star 30x30 Sary's Treasure Shop


                                             Book 1                                                                          Book 2                                              Book 3
Outereaches small     Heren small          Kragstaad small          Drowning woods small
             Outereaches                                       Heren                                               Kragstaad                                     Drowning Woods

                                             Bosses                                                                         Bosses                                               Bosses
Barrg Sorivun Grax Polidoras small         Morduun small Nyx         Dorgar small Ssyth small
       Barrg                 Sorivun                Grax               Polidoras                   Morduun                 Nyx                          Dorgar                S'syth

                                           End Boss                                                                     End Boss                                            End Boss
                                       Corvinus                                                             Valta 140x111                                   Marras 140x111
                                            Corvinus                                                                    Priestess Valta                               Marras the Demonlord

        Book 4                                                Book 5                                               Book 6
Plane of fire small          City of andara small          B6 kirsinti mountains small
              Plane of Fire                                     City of Andara                                  Kirsinti Mountains

             Bosses                                             Bosses                                              Bosses
Blazar small Romm small       B5 andaran small B5 kraken small        B6 galor small B6 myksal small
       Blazar                 Romm                      Shalah           The Kraken                    Galor               Myksal

           End Boss                                           End Boss                                          End Boss
             Khan 140x111                                  Zari 140x111                                  Overlord 140x111
         Khan the Conqueror                              The Blood of Zari                                  The Overlord

                                     More information about Raids in general can be found here.
                                   Information on how to calculate Raid Damage can be found here.

Ultra Raids

All the names and images in the pictures are click able and will lead to the appropriate page. Just click the name or picture of the boss you need more information on to get redirected to that page. Malikar is currently resting but the pictures are still click able and will lead to the appropriate page.

Malikar and the Dragon Knights
MalikarDak the Dragon KnightLys the Dragon KnightMalikar and the Dragon Knights
Gog and the Demon Warriors
GogAlbion the Demon WarriorAlba the Demon WarriorAlba the Demon WarriorAlbion the Demon WarriorGogGog and the Demon Warriors

The Shadow Walkers
The Shadow WalkersThe Shadow Walkers#Alchemist.27s AlcoveIrri the HiddenMareth LongknifeThe Shadow Walker ElitesIrri the HiddenMareth LongknifePlatinumPlatinumPlatinumForce Aura FragShield SlamBanishmentThe Shadow Walkers
The Lords of Ice and Fire
Fire LordIce LordLords of Ice and FireFire LordIce LordThe Lords of Ice and Fire

The Necromages
Dark MageBlood MageThe NecromagesDark MageBlood MageThe Necromages
The Drowned Knights
Siv the SharpMerrick the MightyThe Drowned KnightsMerrick the MightySiv the SharpThe Drowned Knights

More information about Raids in general can be found here.
Information on how to calculate Raid Damage can be found here.


Blood rose assassins 350x421                    Fae hunters 350x421                    Praestor knights 350x421

Blood Rose Assassins                           Fae Hunters                                   Praestor Knights


Treasure Chests

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