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Kaylee90 Kaylee90 30 May 2014

Want to trade ingredients

I need:
2 Rune's of life and
1 Slisk Fang

I can give:
3 Door Runes
1 orbital bevel gear
1 Illumitasa Shield Right

Costs U 5 Platinum to give an item (you place it in lockbox)
Costs 1 platinum for the receiver to take it out of the lockbox

Let me know if you want to trade, can just donate to me or would like one of my items donated to you.


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Jessicadawn2000 Jessicadawn2000 27 April 2012

rings of summoning

I was wandering if anyone could help me out. How do I get a ring of summoning?

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Nathan.cothran Nathan.cothran 16 January 2012


Man up, Join me!

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Nankho Nankho 6 January 2012

guide protection activated

Someone decided to remove entire sections of the wiki. So for now i have protected it. I do realize that i can always undo their changes, and fix it with ease. That however is more work than i'd like to do.

That player was very misguided, to do what he or she did. As that player claimed that raiding is for "high levels" only. which is simply untrue. I will not entertain an arguement here, as it is unproductive to do so. but keep this in mind, i am not an employee of mososh. i receive no payment of any kind for this wikia, and it was created for the playerbase to ease their questions in kongregate chat. if some child wishes to spoil that help, they can do so. but keep in mind you are ony hurting yourself and people at your own st…

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Xenon2016 Xenon2016 6 December 2011

This Wiki

I feel that this wiki need more people to help edit and enhance it. I also feel that this wiki needs someone to "Lead it" having said this I would like to invite people to nominate and vote for whoever they feel is most capable.

I would like to step forward and nominate: myself, nakuto, Peckham33 and, Raxxx7

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Peckham33 Peckham33 30 June 2011

Hello everyone

Hello all. It seems i am currently the most knowledgeable editor on this wiki. If u need any help with a page, feel free to ask on MY TALK PAGE.

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