October 02, 2012


I finally join offically and present myself for a further insite than "helper."

I am a husband, father, veteran, engineer, teacher, tutor, mentor, and, sometimes, dreamer. Currently hobbling disabled veteran, p/t tutor, learning specialist adhd, and deacon.

My favorite things to do is: listen to music, read, art, nature, clean water - fresh or salt, photography, museums, travel when I can, and friends.


Those who unintentionally hurt others, especially the young,

Wars anywhere, lack of all personal rights and freedoms, diseases and harm - especially of the young. And pre-election ads and debates that focus on very few facts about what plan on coming term's list of specific goals - we can discuss the difference.

We have a 3 branched goverment. It's time that all 3 remember why & where they are & what they have sworn to do. Any where else, they would be fired if not for behavior, or disrespect for other branches, then lack of correctly worded work output for their salary and for us - their bosses. With the growth and modernation of the U. S. of A., that has been forgotten.

How about an amendment that provides a 12, 9, or 6 month review of job completions. If unsatisfactory, runner-up gets a try and previous gets an I.R.S., C.I.A., and whatever inspectiion, then results on internet, facebook, or similar dispersal of status. No benefits or salary if not 20 - 30 years in government or public service positions - like federal or state jobs. And no life time positions or abnormal "breaks." Jobs like middle-class or lower-class, not the upper 10%.

Lack of care for all military veterans, policemen, firemen - any who have chosen a job that could put them in harms way! And they should have full burial costs contracted for them when hired - no worries as death approaches.

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