In order to unlock The Plane of Havoc you need to be either level 200 or have finished book 6.

Fires burn with a blistering heat or an unearthly chill... equally dangerous.
What strange magic and horrific enemies call this home?

You need to pay 5Platinum to get access to The Tombs: Part IV.

The Tombs make use of health. The more Fortitude you have, the more health you will have inside the tombs. You can refill your health with Potion of (Lesser) Healing. You can buy these at Benn's House of Potions, located on the word map, just north of Malikar.
Click the ? on right upper corner of the Adventures World Map for more information.

A thing that is not said is that you can refill near half your health by going on ANY mission of ANY book and clicking Refill, is longer than using potions but if Book 1 (Beginner) is available you can cure yourself for 50 Gold and sustain different blows from enemies. You can refill even if the normal Helath Bar used in Quests is full, Adventures havea separate health bar that will be hiddenly refilled.


Gate of Chaos

The Gate of Chaos is first room in the Plane of Havoc.
It contains 4 Child of Chaos.

A05 Child of Chaos
Child of Chaos
ATTACK: 76 Energy

A05 Child of Chaos w2
Child of Chaos
ATTACK: 76 Energy



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